V-Toe Flip Flop Tabi Socks Partners - Keep The Toes Warm...in Style!

Good morning everyone.  It's that time of year....V-Toe Flip Flop Tabi Sock season!  We have a phenomenal partnership with Flip Flop Shops all across the country you should be able to find our socks in their stores.  If there isn't one local to you you can buy on our site www.VToeSocks.com or Amazon.com and don't worry the shipping is FREE!  We strive to bring the funnest colors and styles to market to make your flip flop sock experience one that speaks to your style!  If you have an idea for sock colors let us know.....you never know your vision could be next.  V-Toe, we're not just a flip flop sock.....we're a Style!

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