About us

V-Toe, is the premiere brand of split toe socks that come in many styles and colors!  We are a family owned flip-flop tabi sock company.  What is a tabi Sock you ask?  It is the perfect sock for balance and comfort for any shoes including flip-flops.   Tabi socks are a creation of the Asian culture.  Years ago a pair of tabi socks were sent to me from my wife's family in Japan.  Loved Them!  We started to approach surf shops and novelty stores with the tabi style sock and an interest was peaked but they wished for other styles than the dragon, ninja and standard Asian flair.....With that in mind we launched V-Toe Socks! 

We have been in business since 2012 and continue to grow.  We have expanded from your standard split toe flip-flop tabi sock to an athletic style two toe tabi sock as well as athletic ankle height!  

We LOVE what we do and have fun doing it!  We haven't worn shoes in years ;) Company policy....flip flops and socks only.  Be sure to start pinning, poking, Instagraming, Facebooking...etc your favorite styles and pics wearing your V-Toe's!  

Remember.....V-Toe, we're not just a split toe flip-flop tabi sock....we're a Style!  How do you V-Toe?

Important info:

  • Facebook.com/vtoesock
  • Instagram.com/vtoeflipflopsocks
  • Pinterest.com/vtoesocks
  • Youtube.com/vtoesocks
  • Contact us: vtoesocks@gmail.com 
  • Ph: 904-254-9534